Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer Preparedness

I have been keeping myself busy this week with projects that I hope will make our summer run smoother.  I know we tend to over complicate things in our household and I sincerely wanted to avoid that BUT . . . It was so important to me to be prepared.  I seems like a lot of stuff but I think, once we get used to how it all works, it will help the summer (& hopefully beyond) go far more smoothly.

I finally got around to making the magnets I have wanted to make for a year, that go on our white board near the kitchen.  These will help the kids know what they need to do and also what activities we have coming up in the week.  Both kids helped me come up with the list of activities that we needed magnets for and Jillian helped me pick out the pictures for them.  Then we covered them with contact paper and added magnets to the back.  It helps Jillian, especially, so much to see what is coming up and know what to expect.  And it will allow me to point Joshua to the board when he asks what we're doing or what steps he still needs to complete.


THEN, I had seen online a list of summer "Rules" (I call them expectations).  Kenton and I had agreed that we both wanted to limit the kids' screen time and I was VERY tired of being asked at every turn if they could watch something or play on their Ipads.  So . . . I thought this was a great solution.  First, Kenton and I agreed on a set amount of screen time they are allowed (approx. 1 hour a day) except for special occassions like movie nights or pajama day.  BUT!!!  They have a list of items that they have to complete first.  Their morning steps, 20 minutes of reading. 20 minutes of writing, outside play time, etc  . . . . before they can have their screen time.  I am SO excited for this!!!

AND their writing time will be taken up by their summer journals. I used some leftover composition notebooks from Jillian's past school years and we will decorate the covers on Monday to kick off our summer.  I haven't quite figured out how we will deal with the writing piece with Joshua BUT each morning, the kids will spend time writing in their journals about what we did over the weekend, what they are most looking forward to, what they enjoyed most about the day before, etc . . . . I am hoping that this will give us all (as I will be participating too) a sense of thankfulness as we reflect on the positives of our summer AND it will give us something fun to look back on recall all that we did together.  😊
ALSO, I had seen online, and I am Bored jar (I chose to call it Boredom Busters).  When the kids have completed their checklist AND media for the day, they may pick a popsicle stick out of the Boredom Busters jar and they/we will do that thing.  They range from cooking, crafts, fort building, etc  . . . I know that I spend way too much time on things that are far less important than my relationship with the kids and making them feel valued so I am going to work really hard on not occupying myself with so many non-essentials (Facebook primarily) so that I am available to them and get to make memories with them as well.  I want to be the fun, happy mom (within reason), and not the grouchy, easily frustrated one I have become.

 And finally, in an effort to help with Joshua's attitude, Kenton piggy backed off of another friends' idea and we will be using some of his leftover Dice Masters dice to track positive and negative behaviors.  One kind of dice will represent negative behaviors (arguing, disobedience, fighting with siblings) and another dice will represent positive behaviors (helping someone, doing a chore without being asked, being especially kind, etc , , , ). When the particular behavior is exhibited, the kids will be told to put the appropriate dice in their designated jar.  At the end of the day we will add them up and see where their attitude fell.  Beyond that, we haven't worked out all of the details yet but ultimately, there will be a reward for positive behavior at some point in the process.
Anyway, this is what I have been working on this week to prepare for summer starting next week.  I am excited and no longer anxious for the summer at home with all three kids.  We shall see how it all works out. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013



I've noticed that we've gained some new followers as of late.  It seems that diligence and dreams come true (our new home) have attracted people and that makes me smile.  So, those of you that have been reading, may have noticed that we were missing in action this weekend.  When Kenton committed to posting a picture a day, he didn't think about those times that we would be without internet capabilities like this weekend.
Not only were we MIA from the blog, if you had come searching for us, you would have found us both amongst a nearly constant cloud of dust.  As we spent the weekend in/at our new home . . .  and kid-free!!!
Because not only was this a weekend to accomplish much, it was a weekend to reflect on and enjoy what God accomplished 11 years ago, on July 20, 2002.  That was the day that I always say he took the most high strung person on the face of the planet and the most laid back person on the face of the planet and decided to bond them together for life, just to enjoy the show.  :-)
That's right folks, 11 years ago, I walked hand in hand under an arch of light-sabers with the love of my life!

Because of this milestone, we had arranged for Kenton's sister's to come up for the weekend to watch the kiddos so we could get away.  Little did we know when we made the places that we would be staring down a moving date into our new home with renovations and refreshes heavily on the brain.  All anniversary celebration plans went out the window when we signed our offer and we started planning and preparing for a weekend of togetherness, uninterrupted, at our new home doing what we do best, working together as a team!
We had a lovely dinner on Friday night, and spent most of the rest of the weekend camped out at our new home.  Some wonderfully sweet friends brought us paint and coffee Saturday morning and we got to work.  Although as you've seen, Kenton had already been hard at work all week long, ripping up 45 year old linoleum and underlayment.  It was a labor of love, for sure and by 2:30 Saturday morning, the dining area and kitchen had been conquered, to the best of our abilities. 

And once that was out of the way . . . we could move on to the color.  But that is a different post, for a different day! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Go Big with Color

I distinctly remember when I was a little girl, about Jillian's age, and I wanted my room to be pink.  What I remember getting, which my parents will tell you was not at all what I DID get, was a can of white paint with a drop or two of pink in it.  And to my small child's mind, that WAS NOT pink!  Obviously, I've never forgotten that color choice and now, when faced with my more "mature" adult color choices, I say, if you're going to do color, do it BIG!  So, for those few faithful readers, here is our new home color palette.

For years, I have had a sunflower theme in my living space and kitchen.  We have a royal blue sofa and over-stuffed chair which coordinated with a set of sunflower display dishes I have had up for years.  Recently a shelf that held those dishes came unexpectedly crashing down in my dining room.  :-( Sad day!  I decided it was God's way of telling me it was time to change my kitchen theme.  However, I still LOVE the colors and the contrast between the royal blue and the golden yellow of the sunflower so, I will be keeping the theme alive in my new living room, the first room you enter from the front door of my new home.  And after YEARS of wanting to put yellow paint on the walls, the following Golden Aura will greet our guests.  And I sincerely hope that it looks as good in reality as I imagine it in my mind. 

From the living room, you will enter what I lovingly (and joyfully) refer to as the dining "area".  A 13'x19' space of glorious hospitality to be had.  This area, in our hopes and dreams, will be home to our workspace (desk), a white Ikea Expedit inspired breakfast nook, a pre-existing breakfast bar, family communication center and of course, our dining room table.  (Which will be completed with new table linens which I am anxiously saving, still wrapped, until move in day.)
Recently, some friends of our moved into an older home which had been occupied by a group of bachelors (and it showed).  In a stroke of genius, they chose to paint all of the walls of their home the most magnificent gray color and I LOVE it.  Our old home in Oregon had a base color of khaki, which at the time was far better than white, but eventually got old.  This silver/gray concept, I don't think will ever get old, so I'm stealing it.  And our dining area, (very limited wall space) kitchen and both hallways will grace you with "Where There is Smoke".

Next on our tour is the Master bedroom.  Many years ago, I found the most amazing duvet at Target and fell in love.  It is reversible with a white background on one side and a chocolate brown background on the other, and covered in a beautiful array of flowers and leaves in turquoise, coral, different shades of green and yellow.  A couple of years after I found the comforter, my mother and I were out shopping at Tuesday Morning and happened upon the most splendiferous selection of coordinating pillows which incorporate nearly the same flowers, stripes and two solid 'themed' pillows, one with palm trees and hibiscus flowers and the other with surf boards. PERFECT for the beach themed bedroom I was trying to achieve.  And I tell you, to this day, when my bed it made and all the pillows properly assembled, I am a HAPPY girl!!!
So, to play off the turquoise in my duvet and pillows, I present you with Swim Team blue;

Next is Jilly's room, our little superstar.  :)  When I had a lapse in judgement and asked for her input on the theme she wanted her room to have, she immediately responded with "I want a stage!" and I wondered "Now, what I was I thinking asking her this question?"  It seems our little diva was inspired by recent viewings of Alvin and the Chipmunks and had decided that she wanted to be just like the Chipettes, which necessitated a stage, of course (and fur, but fortunately she has not figured THAT part out yet). So, we found a pallet behind on warehouse in their trash pile and dear Jilly will be getting a stage, as well as a full size Chipette poster which she is completely unaware of (and this mama CAN NOT WAIT to surprise her with it!)  Though Jillian asked for a pink room (do you see the resemblance to my six year old self?) we discussed that so many accents in her room were already pink, that maybe a purple room would be a better choice.  And this Purple Possibility was chosen.  :-)

Next is little man's room, which I decided early on would have a Disney Cars theme.  And thus I wanted the walls to be a little boy blue and a little asphalt gray.  As daddy is concerned about being too overbearing with color, we chose to be a little on the subtle side with Skys the Limit.  Which I hope with compliment wonderfully, the Cars bed set I scored for him on Craigslist, complete with giant plush Lightning McQueen pillow, the Ikea Lillabo play mat and the awesome dresser I found at Goodwill that is just.his,size!!!

The same aforementioned friends who painted their whole house gray (with glorious, clean white trim and cabinets) had a room in their old home that always made me smile.  It was their bathroom.  And it was painted the most marvelous (& bright) shade of green.  It was Behr Sparkling Apple to be specific.  But since we are going with Rodda paint thanks to a friend who works there who will be "taking care of us," I picked the closest thing I could find for my laundry room.  And I CAN NOT WAIT to walk into my laundry room with it's bright green walls (and custom built laundry folding & basket holding station, thanks hubby) and smile from ear to ear.  Okay, so maybe that's a little too extreme in the wishful thinking category but a girl can dream, right?  And if nothing else, it will make me think of my beautiful German friend and her spunky old bathroom.  :-) So here's to Lots of Lime! 

So there you have it, well, almost, the main bathroom will share wall color with our Master Bedroom as we've decided to change it up a bit on the theme and go out with the old (Monkeys) and in with the new (Beach) theme.  I want to make it as serene as I can, despite the fact that we will all continue to share the shower and bathtub (though not usually at the same time).  :-)
Our playroom has been a bit uninspired as of lately,  However, when it was decided to do away with the Monkeys in the bathroom and I remembered that due to my husband's over abundant stash of stuffed monkeys we had always talked about having a monkey/jungle themed playroom, the playroom will have an accent wall of Lots of Lime green and two walls of Soothing Sapphire on either side.  The fourth wall, which will fall on either side of the french doors that open to the dining room (as opposed to the exterior sliding door that was off centered on that wall and is now bye-bye) will more than likely be painting with chalk board paint, in black.  We shall see.

And thus our Go Big with Color tour is done.  Thanks for sticking with me and watching our dreams come to life. Please pray for us this weekend as we celebrate 11 years of marriage with the most romantic of activities . . . . Painting!  Woo-hoo!  :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Floor continues

First off I want to thank the best partner in the whole world for helping me tonight. I would have not gotten nearly as far as I did with out your saw skills and trash removal skills.

I want to thank the Himes family for watching our kiddos. You guys rock and I pray God will bless you for your faithfulness and your generosity.

I want to think Eric Matthew of Zander Built construction for all of your advice and loaning me so many tools. I look forward to seeing the floor you are going to install.

Here are a couple pics of where we are at now.

If you are willing to help lets us know even if it is just watching kids, sweeping or hauling out trash.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Floor removal Has begun.

We have started to remove the old flooring to prepare for the new tile. 

If you are free to help please contact me I would welcome the company and the extra hands and back.