Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mattos Family 2010 Year in Review

We hope this letter finds you and your family doing well and reveling in the joy of the Christmas season.  As we look back on the past year, we realize that there were significant moments and many memories made.  It was a pretty eventful year for the Mattos family.  Please allow us to highlight it for you here.

January: Settled into our new home in Olympia and flew to the Bay Area, CA for Kenton’s cousin Anna’s wedding (and a trip to the Jelly Belly factory).   

February: Attended Mandy’s father’s wedding to a wonderful woman named Jodi.

March: The sale of our house in Cornelius closed, so we could finally breathe a sigh of relief.  Jillian started attending preschool.  Kenton’s family came up from Oregon for a visit and we all went to the zoo.

April:  Easter was celebrated at our new church, Church of Living Water in Olympia.  Jillian came down with an ear infection while visiting family for the holiday.  That was a bummer.

May: Celebrated Mother’s Day on Anderson Island with Mandy’s mom and celebrated Father’s Day early with a fishing trip in Oregon with Kenton’s dad & nephew.

June: Took our second trip to California for Jillian’s first trip to Disneyland (plus Universal Studios & Hollywood)!!!
July:  Kenton and Mandy celebrated 8 years of wedded bliss and found out we were going to have a baby.  As well as a camping trip to Oregon with Kenton’s Dad, step-mom, sisters and nephew.  We picked (and ate) fresh blackberries . . . delicious!

August:  Jillian celebrated her 4th birthday with a grandiose day at the Pt. Defiance Zoo with her best friend, Tori and a picnic later at Pt. Defiance Park with many family members in attendance.  Too bad it rained, but we still had a good time!  

September:  Mandy celebrated another birthday.  We announced our pregnancy to the “world” via Facebook & our blog.  We took our 6th annual Seattle Road Trip and Mariner’s game with our dear friends the Ratliffs.  And we rejoiced in the safe (albeit early) birth of our nieces and nephew, Natalie, Riley and Avery, born to Mandy’s (step) sister Katrena and brother-in-law, Joel! 

October:  Found out that our baby is going to be a boy . . . can not wait to meet Joshua Caleb Mattos.  Went apple picking at the Anderson Island Apple Squeeze. Took our 4th annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch with the Ratliffs and did the customary Trick-or-Treating and Harvest Party festivities. 

November:  Celebrated Kenton’s birthday and had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with Mandy’s family.

December:  Surprised Kenton’s mom at the Annual Salem Carousel party for her work.  We made graham cracker houses with friends.  Jillian performed in our family’s annual Talent (or not so much) show by telling a story and singing the Squirrel song, so cute!!!  We made graham cracker houses with friends, attended Zoo lights with Grandma and Grandpa Kennish and hosted multiple Christmas celebrations.

Throughout our year, we have been blessed by our amazing church and the inspired teachings of the Pastors there.  We have become more aware of the everyday blessings in our lives which so many people go without.  We are thankful for our jobs, each other, a wonderful place to live, full cupboards, warm beds and the love of our family and friends. 
Especially in this season, we want to acknowledge the source from whom all of our blessings flow.  May the birth of our Savior and the hope that He brings, bless you and keep you in this season and throughout the coming year!