Thursday, April 23, 2009

Look who's got a Big Girl bed!

We've been toying with the idea for months of getting Jillian a "big girl bed". Up until now she's been sleeping in her convertible crib's, toddler bed which, as a side note, has been recalled. Wooops! So for safety reasons and in hopes that a new, bigger, softer bed would help her to stay IN her bed all night long,we found a steal of a deal at Shopko on a Mates bed. (thanks, Mom for the heads up)
We finally got the bed assembled this week and she could not be more excited about her new bed. Finishing touches on her room and extra special bedding will probably take a little while longer but for now, this change is enough. And it seems to be working well (knock on wood).

Friday, April 17, 2009

Fun Times with Stitch

Sometime last spring, Jillian was introduced to the movie Lilo & Stitch by my Dad's girlfriend, Jodi who happens to be Japanese Hawaiian. She has often recalled the movie and asked about it on random occasions despite the fact that we did not own it. Recently, I noticed the questions, or whatever reason, becoming more frequent so Kenton and I decided that it would be one of the things in Jillian's Easter basket this year. We hid it in her new Dora lunch bag to draw out the surprise. :) And that girl has watched Lilo & Stitch every day (atleast once) since Easter Sunday.
So, today, when I was at the local Pass It On consignment sale and saw a stuffed Stitch with his head sticking out of a bin there, I felt like I had won the jackpot! I swooped it up and headed home with virtually no will to hold on to it for a good bribe like the lady that checked me out of the sale suggested. I did keep it in the van long enough for Kenton to get home for dinner so we could both enjoy Jillian's reaction when I gave it to her.
Needless to say, Stitch has not been far behind us all night and we even got the opportunity to take him for a walk. Here are some pictures from our evening with the newest member of our family.

A little girl and her alien.

Reading to Stitch (the insert from the Lilo & Stitch DVD)

Going for a walk

Cutting across the field

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Witches, Old Friends and Fishes . . . OH MY!

I figured before this weekend gets away from me, I should blog about last weekend first!
Friday night, my hubby and I went to see "Wicked" downtown . . . AMAZING!!! I missed it last time it was in town and really wanted to go this time. Thanks for Uncle Sam, it was possible. My husband seemed a little hesitant at first but there was just enough humor in the production that I think warmed up to it. For those of you who don't know, Wicked is basically the pre-quel to "The Wizard of Oz". It tells the story of Glinda, the good witch and Elphaba, the wicked witch of the west as they were school girls growing up. For a girl like me, who watched her share of "The Wizard of Oz" growing up, this storyline added some never before contemplated explanations to why Oz was the way Oz was. Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend it to any Wizard of Oz fans out there.
Saturday morning, as hubby worked, Jilly and I drove up to WA to spend some time with grandma and grandpa Kennish before heading to Seattle on Sunday. We rode on the ferry boat to Anderson Island. . .

read stories with grandma . . .

and played the piano with Piglet . . .

But the most exciting part of the weekend was still ahead of us.
We woke up bright and early Sunday morning to catch a ferry boat back to the mainland and head up to Seattle. We were to meet up with some very special people there.
I found a convenient parking spot along the waterfront and we ventured over to the aquarium where we were to meet our guests. Not long after we arrived, I hear my name, exuberantly yelled from the OTHER side of Alaskan Way. It was my "Pookie". My dear friend Erin, from college and her beautiful baby girl Evelyn had arranged this date as they were visiting from Montana. Erin and I hadn't seen each other since I graduated from college, almost 9 years ago. We smiled, embraced and then Erin announced . . . "we have babies!!!" Leave it to her to announce the obvious with gusto. But when you part ways in your early 20's and meet up again, nearly a decade later, even the obvious life changes sometimes seem sureal. :)
We took the girls down to look at the water, while waited for our third visitor. Meghan joined us not much later, and native of the Seattle area and another college friend of ours, and we headed into the Aquarium. The day was BEAUTIFUL to say the least, with blue skies, virtually no clouds and GREAT company!!!
Jillian absolutely loved the aquarium. She got to touch Starfish in the tide pools . . .

Dress up like a diver . . .

And visit some good friends . . .

I literally had to PRY her away from this tank. Only to move on to the tank with the "Sheldons" in it. (ie Seahorses, also from Nemo)

After the aquarium, we broke some bread on the waterfront and ran off some steam on Pier 62/63. We then said good-bye to our friends and agreed that it would not be nine years until we met up again!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yes, I am alive.

Though barely it has felt the last few days due to allergies/cold/unknown yukiness. I do sincerely apologize for my blogging absence. I'm sure I've been greatly missed. Heh heh heh!
I could probably explain where the last week or two went but certainly can not make up for a two MONTH absence. So, I will just need to ask your forgiveness and move on. :)
There is not a whole lot to report on the family front. Spring break has passed and hubby is back in classes at PCC. This time it's two computer classes. Woo-Hoo.
Despite some major personnel changes at my work ( the job is going well and business has been good. The boss keeps saying that God has promised increase, not decrease and for that I am grateful the job security had been a tremendous blessing in the current economy.
Jillian in growing and changing daily. Her fascination latey has been with puzzles. She has two favorites, a Care Bear puzzle and Whinnie the Pooh puzzle, that she has been taking apart and putting back together multiple times a day ALL BY HERSELF. It is so rewarding and fun to watch.
And since my best friend, Tammi, who had been watching Jilly for us while we worked, gave birth to a beautiful, healthy, baby girl two weeks ago, we had to find Jilly someplace else to go play. Fortunately, one of the ladies in our church runs a daycare and was willing to take us on. And I am pleased to report it is going well. Jilly has really taken to having other kids around and enjoys going to "play with her friends". What a relief for this mom who dreaded having to take her ANYWHERE outside of my dear friend's comfortable, loving, home.
So, to get you caught up, here are some pictures from the last few months since we've been absent from the blogosphere.