Tuesday, July 14, 2009

'New' Chairs. Thanks, Mom!

This past weekend, my mom and step-dad came for a visit. It was a really nice weekend and I'm so glad they were willing to make the trip down to see us. While they were here, my mother mentioned for the umpteenth time, that we should really re-cover our dining room chairs. And she's right. The small dining set we have I bought before I was married and certainly before there was a messy toddler in my house. The cushions were an off-white linenish color and after 7+ years, a husband and a toddler, those chairs were looking pretty, well . . . gross.

Somehow, through all of the other times my mother had previously mentioned recovering these chairs, the idea always sounded good but we just never got around to doing it. Until tonight! Somehow, mom's suggestion struck a deep enough chord this time that I made my way down to the fabric store after work yesterday and picked out a nice striped fabric that tied together to two main colors of my downstairs great room. And tonight, after the Bean went to bed, we stapled and hammered and screw-drived and Voila!!! Like new dining room chairs. Well, two of them at least. I committed the cardinal sin of home projects and did not measure the chair seats before I went to buy the fabric and I came up a couple of inches short. Darn!! But we managed to finish two of the four chairs and the room is already brighter. Really. :)

And can I just say, I LOVE doing projects with my husband. We rarely have opportunity or means to accomplish them, but when we do, it is always so much fun! My husband is such a handy guy and I love that about him. And he let's me use his tools which is pretty fun too.

All in all, we make a pretty good team, hubby and I. I think I'll keep him around for a while!