Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Little Hula Girl

One of the first times that Jillian met my Dad's girlfriend. Jodi, she became fascinated with "Happy Feet" and "Lilo & Stitch". Jodi owned them both, we didn't own either. For Christmas she got Happy Feet and "danced Mumble" everywhere she could. For Easter, she got "Lilo & Stitch" and later she got a grass skirt from grandma as a gift from a recent trip to Hawaii. She has always enjoyed dancing but recently, it has become so much more of an interest. She will often as for her Hula skirt and to hula with Lilo. And that is exactly what she will do!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's a nice day for WET campout!

For the first time ever, Kenton took an entire week off from work this past week. He spent the first half of the week working tirelessly on our backyard's fence. He repaired and replaced all of the boards that were too short, broken or warped. Then he power washed (with a little help) and started staining.

As a reward for all of his hard work . . . . we headed to the coast for a MUCH NEEDED family vacation. Three days and two nights on the beautiful Oregon Coast. Only one problem . . . we didn't know there was a storm a'comin'. Apparently we missed the REALLY GOOD storm that hit inland the night we left for the coast. But unfortunately, the rain didn't stay inland. And we spent most of our time amidst ocean mists and wind. We managed to have a good time (some of us managed better than others) despite the weather but ended up letting the rain drive us home a few hours earlier than we had planned.

I must say, Jillian was a trooper. She didn't quite understand the concept of rest & relaxation and was going a mile a minute from the time we arrived at camp. At first, she was scared of the fire daddy made to keep up all warm. And she didn't understand what was soooo bad about plopping down in the rain soaked sand to play, despite soaking through all of her layers of pants. She found fascination in the many puddles that dotted the campground and in the local wildlife, squirrels and seagulls included. But I can't complain, she slept AMAZINGLY (Praise God) and managed to keep warm both nights in her own bed at the head of ours. I have a funny feeling that our little girl will probably be ready to camp again before we are all dried out from this trip. :)