Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Big Shoes to Fill

It's not easy to fill Daddy's shoes. Especially when your Daddy wears a 15 wide shoe. :)

But someday, I hope my Jillian, realizes what an amazing Daddy she has. For over two years, my husband has played Mr. Mom nearly every morning while I worked. And then he's gone to his job, working the swing shift so Jillian wouldn't be in day care. It has been the greatest blessing to me to see the relationship these two have because of all of their time together.

Even though I sometimes cringe at the thought that my daughter's favorite games to play are "tackle" and "wrestle", I smile because her Daddy taught her those things and I take great pride in the fact that he has never been afraid to get down on the floor and wrestle with her.

He's not afraid to let her be a little girl too. When she gets dressed up for church or let's me do her hair, he is always the first to gush over how pretty she looks. He spends time coloring with her and making sure she knows every Star Wars character by name. :)

And now, in addition to taking care of Jillian during the day and working at night, he's decided to become a college student. In hopes to enhance our family's future, Kenton has enrolled in PCC with intentions of receiving a degree in computer networking.

When I stop to think about all he does every single day for our family, I see how full his plate really is. And I appreciate even more his faithfulness, his diligence and the selflessness he has shown me every day since we met. His are certainly BIG shoes to fill!!!


tammi said...

We love you guys, and are proud of Kenton for his 'big shoes to fill'! We're behind you guys, rooting you on all the way!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

What a sweet post!!! Yes, that is one awesome hubby indeed :) That is cool that he is going back to school too. He will love it.

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Girl it is time for a new post! I just tagged you in "6 randoms" so you can update this here blog :) Have fun!