Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sunshine Day

For the last few months, it has not been uncommon to hear our little Jilly, while in the van, randomly say " the market it closed", to which daddy or I will repeat, "yes, Jilly, the market is closed." That was, until last weekend when the Hillsboro Saturday Farmer's Market opened for the season. Since Saturday mornings are one of our rare opportunities to spend more than an hour together as a family, we started the tradition last year of taking in the market most Saturday mornings. If we're in town and without plans, it is likely this is where you will find us.
Last weekend was gloomy but we chanced it. And spent a good majority of the time explaining to Jilly why she couldn't put her "soup" on and play in the water fountain. Which is by far her most popular feature at the market, right after the "puppies". Due to the weather last week, the patrons and puppies were scarce but we managed to find a few. Here are a couple pictures from opening weekend:

This weekend however, the weather was beautiful, the market was packed and we were with friends. Today, we got to be a part of a very momentous occasion . . . Baby Kayla's first Hillsboro Saturday Farmer's Market. Yay!!! I got a baby fix, the big girls got to dance, and play together and we all got some much needed sunshine.


tammi said...

You got some awesome pictures. Such a fun morning!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

She is so adorable - what a fun time! :)