Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Three years ago today . . .

Three years ago today, we welcomed a beautiful new life into the world.
There are days when it seems like she's been here forever, it's so hard to imagine life without her. And there are other days where the surrealness of her arrival seems only moments behind us.

In the face of the tiny baby, we could never have imagined all of the joys that would lie ahead of us.We couldn't yet see her smile, her dimple, her laugh, the glimmer in her eye, how smart she would be, how creative she would become, how well she would remember things and how much fun we would have watching her grow.

The awe we felt when we first met her as replaced itself with awe of her independence. The most precious gift we could have been given is turning three today.

Thank you Lord for three beautiful, exciting, frustrating, fun, tiring, joy-filled years with our Beautiful Baby Girl!!!

Happy Birthday Jilly Bean!!!


Emily said...

Happy birthday, Jilly!!!!! :):)

tammi said...

Sniff. I'm misty-eyed. It really is hard to believe sometimes that it's been 3 years. Just think of the many more wonderful years to come!

Allan, Lindsey, Ethan and Madelyn said...

love this!!!

Happy Belated Birthday Jilly!!!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Ah! Finally leaving a comment like two months late :) Your girl is so precious! :)