Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our New Home

I've been meaning to write this post for a long time and I'm sure there are some of you out in the blog world who have been waiting very patiently to read it as very few of you have actually had the pleasure of seeing our new home. Eventually I realized that the house is never going to look perfect so I might as well just post what I can and be okay with that so, here you go.  Welcome to our new home:
The exterior front
The first glance at the kitchen

The sink and front window

The Dining Room

Living Room from the Dining Room
Looking towards the fireplace, from the garage.

The entryway behind the front door, leading upstairs

The bed half of our room, a bookcase has been added to the left of the bed and opposite the foot of the bed is a desk and another bookcase.
Jilly's Room
I swear this kid has the coolest room . . . ever!

Jilly's alcove which now sports a pretty pink curtain with small white daisies on it.

"Tori's Room"
Since before we moved in, Jillian has referred to this closet as Tori's room.  I figured what better to do with it than fill it with books and hang a picture of Jilly and Tori in it.  When this whole thing was MY room, I had a twin mattress on the floor of this closet and Bop and Big Bopper 8x10s covering the ceiling.  It was a wonderful place for some teenage privacy.  Here's to hoping that we've moved to a new house before Jilly's a teenager! 

So, there's the short tour.  For something more extensive . . .  I guess you'll have to come visit!  We don't have a ton of room for guests but we'd love to have them.  There is a significant lack of familiar faces around here (except for my parents and one dear college friend).  We have a membership to the local 'Y' for free swimming and a membership to the Pt. Defiance Zoo and Northwest Trek as well.  So come on up and we'll show you a good time for sure!


Emily said...

I like being familiar. :)

Heather Rubicam said...

Mandy!!!! It's so cute!!! I love the kitchen. Your folks must've remodeled it over the years.
Thanks for posting pictures, now I have a mental visual.

Matt and Melissa said...

It is so cute! I love Jilly room. I have been thinking of that same bedding for Madi. Hopefully someday I can come see it. Hugs!

Adam said...

Nice combination of your roof and your house’s exterior colors. I must say, your house looks so cozy. It is very fitting for a very lovely family like yours. All the best for your family, Mandy! :)

Adam Waterford