Thursday, September 16, 2010

In Honor of Mandy's Birthday

I haven't even known my wife for more than a third of my life. But the time I have known her has been some of the greatest memories a man can have. So to honor the most beautiful and intelligent woman I know I am posting some pictures picked out by the most beautiful and intelligent 4 year old I know.

Okay so I did most of the picture picking. Jilly just said okay when I asked. However Jilly got very excited when she saw the Tinker Bell Format. So we choose it for Mandy from here Jillybean.

I love you Mandy Lea Mattos. Your birth is a day I will always hold as a day of celebration and joy. I am very glad that 33 years ago God had a future family in his mind so he created you. I am blessed to be a part of that family and and grateful that God decided to create you.

Love You,

Kenton J Mattos

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Matt and Melissa said...

What a good husband you are!
Mandy you are such a blessing to so many. I miss you lots and wish I could celebrate with you. Hope your day was blessed. Love ya!