Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yes, I am alive.

Though barely it has felt the last few days due to allergies/cold/unknown yukiness. I do sincerely apologize for my blogging absence. I'm sure I've been greatly missed. Heh heh heh!
I could probably explain where the last week or two went but certainly can not make up for a two MONTH absence. So, I will just need to ask your forgiveness and move on. :)
There is not a whole lot to report on the family front. Spring break has passed and hubby is back in classes at PCC. This time it's two computer classes. Woo-Hoo.
Despite some major personnel changes at my work ( the job is going well and business has been good. The boss keeps saying that God has promised increase, not decrease and for that I am grateful the job security had been a tremendous blessing in the current economy.
Jillian in growing and changing daily. Her fascination latey has been with puzzles. She has two favorites, a Care Bear puzzle and Whinnie the Pooh puzzle, that she has been taking apart and putting back together multiple times a day ALL BY HERSELF. It is so rewarding and fun to watch.
And since my best friend, Tammi, who had been watching Jilly for us while we worked, gave birth to a beautiful, healthy, baby girl two weeks ago, we had to find Jilly someplace else to go play. Fortunately, one of the ladies in our church runs a daycare and was willing to take us on. And I am pleased to report it is going well. Jilly has really taken to having other kids around and enjoys going to "play with her friends". What a relief for this mom who dreaded having to take her ANYWHERE outside of my dear friend's comfortable, loving, home.
So, to get you caught up, here are some pictures from the last few months since we've been absent from the blogosphere.


Christa said...

Your little girl looks so grown up already! What a cutie!

Matt and Melissa said...

Yay, a blog post. Great pics. I love the close up of Jilly. So cute! Glad to know you are helping hold down the MPK fort. I miss you terribly.