Friday, April 17, 2009

Fun Times with Stitch

Sometime last spring, Jillian was introduced to the movie Lilo & Stitch by my Dad's girlfriend, Jodi who happens to be Japanese Hawaiian. She has often recalled the movie and asked about it on random occasions despite the fact that we did not own it. Recently, I noticed the questions, or whatever reason, becoming more frequent so Kenton and I decided that it would be one of the things in Jillian's Easter basket this year. We hid it in her new Dora lunch bag to draw out the surprise. :) And that girl has watched Lilo & Stitch every day (atleast once) since Easter Sunday.
So, today, when I was at the local Pass It On consignment sale and saw a stuffed Stitch with his head sticking out of a bin there, I felt like I had won the jackpot! I swooped it up and headed home with virtually no will to hold on to it for a good bribe like the lady that checked me out of the sale suggested. I did keep it in the van long enough for Kenton to get home for dinner so we could both enjoy Jillian's reaction when I gave it to her.
Needless to say, Stitch has not been far behind us all night and we even got the opportunity to take him for a walk. Here are some pictures from our evening with the newest member of our family.

A little girl and her alien.

Reading to Stitch (the insert from the Lilo & Stitch DVD)

Going for a walk

Cutting across the field

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Matt and Melissa said...

I love it! Isnt is funny what they decide is important or special.