Sunday, September 16, 2012

Today we get to Celebrate the birth of a wonderful, amazing, selfless, and beautiful Person. Today 35 years ago My wife Mandy was born. And this morning in the very early hours of the morning despite it being her day she proved once again to me and her family the type of person she is.
Our son Joshua was not feeling well last night. He appears to be running a fever and has been waking up crying and whimpering since about 11:45 pm last night. Mandy has lovingly been on the couch with him holding and soothing him back to sleep since 1 am or so and is still there as I write this blog.
I asked our friends and family to describe Mandy in one word. I want to thank you all for participating. I agree with all the words that you used even those of you who couldn't use one word. I just hope she will be as blessed to see them and read them as I have been.
Here is what your words where used for. This will be printed and framed as a 12 x 12 piece of artwork.

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