Tuesday, April 26, 2011


For those few (and faithful) readers of my blog, you probably already noticed that I did not do too well with the April blogging challenge I issued myself.  And really, unfortunately, I have no good excuse as to why I did not blog.  I suppose I was just a little over zealous or over ambitious.  I did have wonderful intentions (as usual) to write all kinds of posts and have them scheduled to post for every day in the month of April. Thus the random shower shots post. It was supposed to be amongst many other posts but alas, there were none, or atleast few.  That is not to say that there was nothing to write about however.  There were plenty of things I could have written about. Like the trip we took this month to the 'Big D' (and I DO mean Dallas, Oregon that is) so that Joshua could meet his Great Grandma Freisen or GG as we like to call her in our family.   Or the awkward spring torrential hail storm we had that threw Jilly into fits and giggles. Or our trip to Oregon to introduce Joshua to good friends there who had yet to meet him.  Or the impromptu trip we took to Ocean Shores the weekend before Easter.  And of course, there IS Easter.  All of these things I might still post about.  But tonight there is something else spurring me to post . . . .

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