Friday, April 15, 2011

Shower Shots

In the fall of 1997, me and three other young ladies rented a brand spankin' new duplex in North Ellensburg.  When we came over to sign our lease papers, construction had just finished and our new home still smelled of fresh drywall and paint.  As we reveled in the newness of it all, we enjoyed some taking some pictures around the place and thus, the shower shot was born.  From that point on, my best friend Tammi and I got into the habit of taking pictures in the shower for special occasions and it has become a wonderful tradition.  Here are a few of our shower shots, including the very first one. . . .

Tammi, Sandy, Emily & me

On my wedding day

At the Evening of Elegance

Mid-construction on my first house

Both of us pregnant, at Tammi's baby shower for Tori

Before the wedding of our friends, Nichole & Aaron


tammi said...

So fun...and such memories :)

Hailey said...

Okay . . .this is hilarious and makes me laugh so hard! I love that you take pictures in the shower!!! just precious. good to catch up on your blog!