Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Growing Girl

For those of you who only follow this blog for the pictures of Jillian . . . here is a post especially for you. Because a.) I like to show her off and b.) there's really not much to say about the circumstances. Here's some recent pictures of our 2+ year old treasure.

Jilly is fascinated with whatever is happening in the field next to our house. Usually it's a soccer game being played. She will sit contentedly and watch whatever is taking place. Every once in a while she will cheer. This particular night it was three teenage girls hitting a volleyball around. Watching the girls reminded me of when I was their age and my best friend Nicole and I would hit the volleyball of the roof of my house.

"Where'd it go???"

Some fountain fun from one of our family trips to the farmer's market.

She looks so grown-up to me in this picture with her buddy bear, Pooh.

We did pigtails this past week. I can't believe how long her hair is, I have yet to cut it.

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