Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Seattle or Bust!

I learned from experience many years ago not to write a phrase like the one I've used to title my blog on a vehicle in which you are traveling. But I figured it was safe to use it here. As promised, here is the play-by-play and pictures chronicling our annual Mat/Rat Seattle road trip.

Really, it wasn't an extremely eventful weekend. We got a pretty late start out of town on Friday, en route to Gig Harbor to stay with my Dad. Saturday morning we were all treated to a delicious breakfast of Portugese sausage (imported from Hawaii by Jodi's parents), french toast and watermelon. We all got ready and headed into the Emerald City. After driving around in circles for about 20 minutes, we finally decided we'd risk parking next to a makeshift shack (complete with cardboard roof) in order to secure a free and relatively close parking spot under the viaduct. We got into Safeco just in time and were treated to six runs scored by the Mariner's in the FIRST inning alone. Much to our joy we prooved to be good luck charms this year and we watched the Mariner's beat the Oakland Athletics, 7-3. We made a stop at Pike's Place market after the game to take in some of the local scene, including flying fish. After grabbing a quick coffee treat, and manuvering my way out of a well earned, backed-in on a very steep hill in a minivan parking space (see picture), we headed back to Dad's place for dinner. All of us girls crashed early while the boys (Dad included) enjoyed their tradition of scotch, cigars and meaningful conversation on the back porch. Sunday was a lazy day. Another delicious breakfast and some football on tv and we were on the road again headed home. The girls were crashed out in the back seat within 1/2 an hour and slept until we stopped for a potty break and to switch drivers. By the time we made it back to Hillsboro, we were all noticeably exhausted. But! The trip was a great success and gave us all the chance at a little R & R that we wouldn't have gotten at home. Tammi and I agree, breakfast is much more pleasant when you are not the one planning, preparing and cleaning!! :)

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You beat me to the title!! :)
Great slideshow.